Residential Community Programs


Residential Community Programs (RCP) are residential communities with a special emphasis on a theme. Themes may be based on an identity, an academic major, or simply an area of interest. RCPs are a great way for students to meet new friends, share in new experiences, and connect with people who have similar interests. There is no additional cost associated with being a member of a Residential Community Program. The application for Residential Community Programs is located in the Housing Application.

Housing & Residential Education offers three types of residential community programs:


Residential communities for first-year students with a special emphasis on an academic major, minor, or program. Students in an LLC live on the same floor, take an academic class together, and engage in various on and off-campus experiences. 

Available Living Learning Communities

Leadership House

Knowledge you’ll use. A community you’ll love

Leadership House shows students how to tap into their own leadership potential and creates practical experiences for them to sharpen those abilities. While engaging in the common class with their LLC peers, students deliver presentations on significant campus and community projects, meet and learn from important leaders, and attend activities such as a ropes challenge course designed to reinforce concepts learned in the classroom.

Housing Location: Students in this community will be required to live in a double occupancy room in Osprey Hall.

Sponsoring Department: Bishop Center for Ethical Leadership

Community Course: Fall – LDR 2010 Leadership Fundamentals (3) credits

Advisors: David O’Neill, Bekah Vigil


The Honors Living Learning Community offers students the opportunity to continue their collaborative learning experiences in a relaxed residential setting. The Honors LLC is a place for students to participate in programs that focus on building community, developing a sense of service, and pursuing academic achievement

Housing Location: Students in this community will be required to live in a double occupancy room in Osprey Hall

Advisor: Thomas Smith

Community Course: IDH 2010 Acquisition of Knowledge



Residential communities for first-year students based on academic major or minor. Students in a FIG live on the same floor and engage in academic events such as study groups and one-on-one interactions with faculty working in their academic interest. 

Available First-Year Interest Groups


The BioLife FIG is an academic-based community open to first-year students majoring in Biology. This community offers residents the opportunity to learn together about the interdisciplinary nature of biology, engage with faculty in the Biological Sciences program, participate in civic engagement activities with a biology focus, and explore potential career opportunities.

Housing Location: Students in this community will be required to live in a double occupancy room in Osprey.



Residential communities open to any student who share a common interest in a particular theme. Students in a themed house live on the same floor and work hand-in-hand with our community partner to build meaningful and intentional experiences for the community. 

Puppy Love - Southeastern Guide Dogs

Southeastern Guide Dogs provides guide dogs and service dogs free of charge to people who are visually impaired and to veterans with PTSD. Part of how they accomplish this task is having volunteers to raise their puppies from 9 weeks old until 16 months old when they are ready for formal training. Here at USF St. Petersburg we have a group of students who are puppy raisers and puppy sitters for these amazing dogs. Puppy raisers are responsible for a dog 24 hours a day for a little over a year and are able to take them to class, on outings, and are responsible for teaching them house manners and basic commands. Puppy sitters help out puppy raisers by watching the dogs for a few hours or a few weeks when they have obligations where the dogs cannot go. Southeastern Guide Dogs Website

After students are puppy sitters during their first year they will be able to apply to be puppy raisers and may raise a dog on campus in specific rooms in Pelican Hall. Only students who live in Pelican Hall will be able to sit dogs overnight, but students living anywhere on campus may sit a dog during the day.

Housing Location: Students interested in this community will live in Pelican Hall.

Advisor: Stephanie James


This community is open to any transfer student. Some benefits associated with being a member of this community include living and networking with transfer students, having a dedicated Resident Assistant who understands the specific needs of transfer students, and engaging with supportive peers to share access to resources on campus.

Housing Location: Students in this community will be required to live in Pelican Hall.

Advisors: Brenna Whitton

Stonewall Suites

In collaboration with the Office of Multicultural Affairs, this community will focus on creating peer support for students as they explore and understand the experience of LGBTQIA+ students on campus and off. Students can expect an inclusive community where LGBTQIA+ and allied students can create a synergy to drive awareness, respect, and advocacy for all gender identities and sexual orientations on the St. Petersburg campus.

Housing Location: Students in this community will be required to live in Pelican Hall. 

Advisors: Tristen JohnsonBrittney Bernardi

Global House

In collaboration with the office of Global Initiatives, this community will focus on providing students the opportunity to explore their global interests while becoming ethical and engaged global citizens. Students in this community can expect to build relationships with peers from different cultures, disciplines, and backgrounds.

Housing Location: Students in this community will be required to live in Pelican Hall.

Advisor: Angelica Rodriguez Jimenez