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Hardware and Software

Campus Computing manages and provides support for hardware and software on the USF St. Petersburg campus. Technology can be found everywhere; in the classrooms, in the offices, and in the cloud.

Technology Purchasing Standards and Procedures


Campus Computing and Instructional Technology Services work together to provide and support technology in the classrooms.

  • Campus Computing provides support for the computer and telephone.
  • Instructional Technology supports theprojector and other A/V equipment.


University computers must be purchased from the USF Computer Store and comply with USF standards. New computers should be sent to Campus Computing for imaging to receive the supported Operating System, latest software, and security updates.

Additional software (not already licensed by USF) must be purchased by the college or department to be installed by Campus Computing. Bayboro accounts do not receive administrative privileges on university computers.

Campus Computing has selected the Dell Latitude (laptop) and Dell OptiPlex (desktop) computers as the supported standard for this campus. Windows 7 is the currently supported Operating System.


Faculty, staff, and students can access additional applications and virtual desktops “in the cloud”. These resources can be used by university owned and supported technology, as well as, personal devices.


Faculty, staff, and students can access certain site licensed applications from the USF IT website for their USF owned computers and for their personal computers. You can click on the software titles to view whether they can be downloaded and where they are available. Available software packages include Adobe Pro, Creative Cloud and SPSS.

USF Software Catalog