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Welcome to the USF St. Petersburg campus!

In order to log into campus computers and information systems, you must first complete payroll registration, GEMS registration, and receive your Employee ID (EMPLID) number from the Human Resources Department. Once your Employee ID has been created, it may take up to 24 hours for your employment status to update in the USF systems. Once this process has completed, you will be able to activate your USF NetID and purchase your USF ID Card.

To assist you in the onboarding process, please reivew our Campus Computing Resource Guide: Employee Onboarding. This is a great resources for new employees and managers. After reviewing this guide, you will find the information you will need to effectively navigate the technology aspects of the onboarding process on this page.


Using your USF NetID, you will be able to log into university information services with a single username and password, such as, USF Email, MyUSF, and CANVAS; along with registering devices on the wireless networks.


Faculty and staff must request their initial USF ID Card through the USFCard Request Site. Your USF ID Card is a multi-functional card with your photo and is used for identification, verifying employee status, accessing buildings, and more. For more information, please check out our USF St. Petersburg ID Card Page.


Use your USF email address and password to log into USF St. Petersburg campus office and classroom computers. You can visit our knowledgebase to find more information about logging into office and classroom computers


You will be assigned a phone number through Teams. Visit our Teams phones page for more information. You can also review our knowledgebase  for more information.


You will need to register your university or personal devices on the USF wireless networks before you can access the Internet. You have two wireless network to choose from, USF and Eduroam.


Your USF ID Card is used to access buildings and rooms on campus.  Learn more about building and room key cards.


The USF LISTSERV is industry standard list management software that allows you to maintain email lists used for your department, college, project, or any other activity requiring email communication. You can add and remove subscribers, and maintain the list and settings to best meet your needs.Please visit the Listserv website for more information:

For St. Pete Lists:

Hiring managers should send an email to to request for new employees to be added to the St. Pete listservs.

Additional USF  St. Petersburg IT Processes

Review the topics in the New Employees menu to learn more about the IT services available to USF St. Petersburg employees. These pages will have more information on how to request services from Campus Computing.


Visit our Campus Computing Help Center to find helpful user guides for working with technology. Find information on topics such as connecting to networked printers, logging into computers, using classroom technology, and so much more. Use the search functionality to easily find what you are looking for.

USF IT Resource Guides for New Bulls

The IT resource guide for new Bulls is a comprehensive guides to USF's technology and IT services. This guide includes important technology information and where to find additional help. 

Faculty and Staff Guide


Find helful new hire onboarding information on the USF HR websites.

USF St. Petersburg HR Page

USF HR Onboarding Page

USF Onboarding Guide