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Sustainability in Degree Programs

USF St. Petersburg campus offers sustainability related majors that prepare students with a wide array of tools to understand and promote sustainability now and for future generations.


The Bachelor of Arts in Sustainability Studies provides students the tools to safeguard the well-being of future generations, increase profits today and understand the role science plays in developing new technologies to address societal challenges. Learn More >>>


Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science and Policy emphasizes the understanding of interrelationships between social phenomena and the natural (i.e., biological-physical-chemical) environment. Learn More >>>


Bachelor of Science in Biology provides students the opportunity to understand biology across all hierarchies from single-celled organisms to global-epidemiological studies. Becoming immersed in many cross-disciplinary methods that are used to answer biological questions from computer modeling to field studies. Learn More >>>


Created as a direct response to the crisis of biodiversity loss, USF St. Petersburg’s Conservation Biology program trains the next generation of scientists to address critical issues in biodiversity conservation. The Master of Science program applies science towards solving biodiversity loss, introducing students to the skills necessary for tackling five of the major drivers of biodiversity loss: habitat degradation, climate change, invasive species, pollution and over-exploitation. Learn More >>>


The Master of Science in Environmental Science and Policy is designed to provide students the discipline-specific knowledge and transferable skills to understand the socio-cultural and political context in which environmental problems are created and ameliorated, as well as the scientific expertise to explore and analyze the consequences of ongoing environmental change. Learn More >>>