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USF's St. Petersburg Campus won a $25,000 grant from the Ford Foundation to start a greenhouse project in partnership with St. Pete Youth Farm and other local organizations to fight food insecurity within the community by growing fresh produce all year long right in the South St. Pete CRA.

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The Bull's Cycle Challenge

The Bulls Cycle Challenge took place during the month of April 2021 which was in alignment with Earth Month. Students were tasked to push themselves by biking to reduce their carbon footprint. SGEF created a map of locations and murals that students could go bike to that were close to campus. Using the app, Strava, there was a group where the students could track their miles as well as upload photos of themselves and/or their bike at the various locations that SGEF has set out. The locations that were designated focused on art, food, culture & local businesses. Sustainable and zero-waste shops were highlighted in the St. Pete area to encourage the support of our local community and local businesses here. Highlighted community gardens encouraged for healthy eating and the importance of knowing where your food comes from, several significant murals were explored to highlight the creative freedom and expression that Pinellas County has paved for their artists. By providing these locations of exploration to students they were able to not only enjoy a fresh breath of air that paved throughout St. Pete but develop a deeper connection of community and loyalty to the environment that they were surrounded by. In total, 822.78 miles were biked in the span of 3 weeks among 20 students. Our first-place winner, Lukasz T biked a total amount of 347.98 miles. Coming in second place is Sean S who biked a total of 110.64 miles. Finally, “Skull” biked a total of 62.13 miles. The total miles biked is equivalent to about 33 gallons of gas or 660 lbs of CO2.