Faculty and Staff

Faculty and Staff


Learning Journeys are faculty or staff led activities, focusing on academic specialty, a hobby, or interest of the faculty or staff member. They provide an opportunity for first-year students to get to know faculty and staff outside of the classroom and in context of the academic field, hobby, or interest.

What is required of Me?
An idea and availability (45 minutes to a few hours) depending on the event. You will also need to prepare your event description that can be used to market the event.

What does Compass provide?
We make any reservations, provide transportation, cover journey costs, market the event, attend and collect attendance, photos, and journey feedback.

Suggestions from students for Learning Journeys
Activities focused on current events, the effects of social media, abnormal psychology, or the sharing of personal stories; Robotics or perfume factory tour; Food tastings; Visit to the Florida or Tampa Aquarium; Snorkeling trip to learn about marine life. The opportunities are endless! Even if you have just a spark of an idea, contact us and we’ll help to flesh it out!



The references listed below provide useful insights into supporting the success of first-year students in the classroom. If you have relevant references you would like to share, please email usfsp-compass@usf.edu

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