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Phone: 727-873-4129
Email: usfspcareercenter@usf.edu
Office: SLC 2300
Drop-in Hours: M-F 2pm-5pm via Microsoft Teams

For information on accessing Career Center resources remotely, see our Virtual Resources & Information Page.

Meet the Team 

Lesa Shouse
Lesa Shouse
Amanda Peters
Amanda Shere
Employer Relations Coordinator

About Lesa

Alma Mater: 

  • Defiance College: Bachelor of Arts in Communication Arts w/ Emphasis in Public Relations (2004) 
  • Bowling Green State University: Master of Arts in College Student Personnel (2009) 

Favorite Meal: Mac & Cheese 

Favorite Song: For Good from the Broadway musical Wicked 

Favorite Color: Purple 

Myers-Briggs Type: ESFJ 

Your Five Strengths: 
Empathy, Communication, Developer, Positivity, Maximizer 

What’s your favorite thing about the USF St. Petersburg campus?
My favorite thing about the USF St. Petersburg campus is the beautiful campus and the eclectic student body. I love the diversity of interests, values and skills of our students and that I get a chance to help students reach their potential and achieve their goals. 

Why should students visit the Career Center?
Students should visit the Career Center early during their college experience to help them align their experiences and goals. We are not just for graduating seniors but are here to assist students with career development, planning, and obtainment. We can help with resumes, cover letters, mock interviews and any and all career questions! We have FREE RESUME PAPER too!! Not to mention we are a really fun office as well! 


About Amanda

Alma Mater: 

  • University of South Florida: Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Social Science (cum laude, 2011) 
  • Florida State University: Master of Science in Higher Education (2016) 

Favorite Meal: Tacos! 

Favorite Song (this is so difficult): "Existentialism On Prom Night" - Straylight Run 

Favorite Color: Gold 

Myers-Briggs Type: ENFJ 

Your Five Strengths:
Futuristic, Competition, Individualization, Strategic, Relator

What’s your favorite thing about the USF St. Petersburg campus?
The big school name with a small school feel with gorgeous water views and a wonderful campus community, all in the heart of an up and coming city in my home state. 

Why should students visit the Career Center?
The Career Center at the USF St. Petersburg campus literally has something to offer for everyone. Whether you're trying to land that dream career, decide what you're passionate about studying, look for a part time job/internship, or just have no clue what to do, we have the resources available to help you succeed. If nothing else, we have a great staff and wonderful employers who are eager to meet and talk to you! 


Kasey Kobs
Kasey Kobs
Coordinator for Internships & Career Experiences
Christen Yawn Headshot

Christen Yawn
Career Services Graduate Assistant


About Kasey

Alma Mater:

  • George Washington University, Bachelor of Arts in International Relations
  • Chapman University, Master of Science in Human Resource Management 

Favorite Meal: Pasta 

Favorite Song: Emotional Rescue, Rolling Stones 

Favorite Color: Orange 

Myers-Briggs Type: ISFJ 

Your Five Strengths:
Relator, Input, Developer, Maximizer, Responsibility 

What’s your favorite thing about the USF St. Petersburg campus?
The sense of community and common purpose that's felt as soon as you step on campus.  I love the intimacy of the small campus combined with the resources and name recognition of a large, public research institution. The gorgeous setting doesn't hurt! 

Why should students visit the Career Center?
We offer personalized, individual assistance for every student regardless of where they are in their career path.  From major selection to professional job search, we have so many resources to help! 


About Christen

 Alma Mater: 

  • University of Central Florida: Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education (2019)
  • University of South Florida: Master of Education in Higher Education & Student Affairs (Current)

Favorite Meal: Tacos 

Favorite Song: "This is Me" - Keala Settle (The Greatest Showman)

Favorite Color: Purple 

Myers-Briggs Type: ESFJ

Your Five Strengths: Futuristic, Activator, Individualization, Focus, Communication

What’s your favorite thing about the USF St. Petersburg campus?  Being right in the middle of downtown St. Petersburg with water views makes the location hard to beat! I also love our small campus community and how it allows us to stay closely connected with the students and staff. 

Why should students visit the Career Center? 
The career center offers many resources for students regardless of where you are in your career path! We can help you find a job or internship, assist with major selection, and provide you with a variety of resources along the way! The staff in our office are friendly and passionate about helping students reach their career goals! 


Seeking professional employment on the USF St. Petersburg campus? Please visit Human Resources.

Our Location

The USF St. Petersburg Career Center is located on the second floor of the Student Life Center (2300) 

131 6th Avenue South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

727-873-4129  / Email usfspcareercenter@usf.edu

campus map identifying Career Center's location