Student Employment

Types of On-Campus Jobs:

TSE – Temporary Student Employment are part-time positions open to all students and do not require a FWS award.

FWS – Federal Work Study jobs are for students who have been awarded FWS by the Financial Aid Office and are only available during Fall and Spring semesters.You must meet the eligibility requirements and then find a FWS job in order to earn your award money. If you already have a FWS award, see the on campus job search process above.

Federal Work Study (FWS) Overview & Requirements:

When students complete their Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) they indicate if they are interested in receiving Federal Work Study.  If interested students meet certain FWS eligibility requirements, they may be awarded FWS in their financial aid award package according to the availability of funds.

FWS Requirements:

  • FAFSA Forms Required

  • January 1st Priority Deadline

  • Awarded by Financial Aid

  • Annual Maximum Amount is $5,000

  • Need based program which requires FAFSA

  • Must be Undergraduate Student, Maintain satisfactory academic progress, Minimum of 2.0 USF Cumulative GPA

  • Minimum 6 USF Active credit hours with No Drops per semester to obtain disbursement each term

    If awarded FWS, it is the student’s responsibility to secure an FWS job in order to earn their award money (*see Note below).  Career Services at USF St. Petersburg campus assists students with their self-directed job search. 

SWS – Summer Work Study is made available to eligible students who are working in an FWS job during the Spring term. Students are alerted via OASIS and must accept their summer work study award during the spring semester.

How to apply for On-Campus Jobs:

  1. Create a resume! We can help in-person to be sure it meets requirements for immediate approval on Handshake!
  2. Upload your Resume to Handshake (If you’ve created your own resume, the Career Services staff will critique it electronically before approval).
  3. Print your award screen from OASIS to confirm your FWS eligibility (to bring with you to potential interviews if applicable).
  4. Prepare for your interview(s) by visiting Career Services for a Mock Interview! (available by appointment).

 Frequently Asked Questions

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