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Printer Install


The Campus Computing Help Desk assists with the installation of printers purchased by individual organizational units. Printers must meet the technology acquisition standards set by USF. For more information on purchasing printers, review the USF St. Petersburg campus Technology Purchasing Standards documentation.

Printers purchased for use at the USF St. Petersburg campus can be installed as a desktop printer or a networked printer. A desktop printer connects to a computer using a USB cable and will only accept print jobs from that single computer. Networked printers connect to the USF St. Petersburg wired network and can accept print jobs from multiple computers. Wireless printing is not supported on the USF St. Petersburg campus. 


Use this form to request the installation of a desktop or networked printer on the USF St. Petersburg campus.


What is a desktop printer?

A desktop printer (also known as a local printer) connects directly to your computer using a USB cable. When purchasing a desktop printer, make sure to purchase with a USB cable. There are two types of local printers - laser or ink-jet.



What is a networked printer?

A networked printer is connected to a wall data jack (Ethernet port). A networked printer can be shared among many computers and people. A static IP address is required for all networked printers and your department may be billed monthly for that static IP address. Also, the department is responsible for purchasing a network cable (Cat 6) for all new networked printers. Most networked printers are laser printers. 

Networked printers allow USF St. Petersburg organizational units to consolidate and streamline printing needs offering cost savings by eliminating individual desktop printers.


What is a multi-function (or all-in-one) printer?

Multifunction (or all-in-one) printers serve many functions- printing, copying, faxing, and so on. On the USF St. Petersburg campus, we support both Konica and Ricoh printers. These require a static IP address and additional configurations than a typical networked printer.