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Virtual Computer Lab

The USF Application Gateway provides access to university licensed applications on virtual desktops running "in the cloud." These virtual desktops can be connected to while off campus. You can access these virtual desktops from a web browser (HTML Access) or using the Microsoft Remote Desktop client.

This project has been funded by the Student Technology Fee. You can use this gateway from any device that has a web browser and gain access to many of the applications found in USF computer labs!

The Application Gateway is available to current students, faculty, and staff. Please login using email address as your username.

Users may access software on USF’s Application Gateway for the purpose of learning, teaching, training, development and non-commercial research. You may not use the software for commercial, professional, business or for-profit purposes. By proceeding and accessing an application, you are accepting that software manufacturer’s terms and conditions. If you would prefer to review the terms and conditions beforehand, please visit the software manufacturer’s website for further details.

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Accessing Your Apps

Connect through web browser:

Install the Remote Desktop client on your computer:

Windows: Windows Installer OR Microsoft Store

Mac: Apple Store