For Employees


Each organizational unit is responsible for purchasing printers for employees. Printers can be local (connected directly to the computer) or networked (multiple employees can print to one printer). Printers must meet the technology acquisition standards set by USF.


Desktop (or local) printers are printers that will be directly connected to an office computer with a USB cable. When purchasing a desktop printer make sure to include an USB cable with the purchase.


Networked printers allow USF St. Petersburg organizational units to consolidate and streamline printing needs offering cost savings by eliminating individual desktop printers.

Organizational units that are looking at purchasing an all-in-one printer should contact Campus Computing before making the purchase. We recommend Hewlett Packard (HP) printers for network printing. When purchasing a network printer make sure to include a network cable in the order. A static IP address (provided by Campus Computing) is required for each networked printer and there may be a fee associated with it.