For Employees

Network Storage


USF St. Petersburg Network Drives are being discontinued. We are moving all departmental shares to Box. Departments can reach out to Campus Computing to learn more about this process and to schedule the migration of their shares.


Network storage (also known as network drives or network shares) is available to all colleges, departments, and groups. E&G funded entities receive free storage. Non-E&G entities may be subject to monthly fees. Storage is available as shared department drives and personal drives.


Campus Computing provides shared (or network) file storage drives and folders to departments. These shared network drives allow easy file sharing among staff within a department. Files are routinely backed up in the event of an accidental deletion. Employees given access to the department shared drives will see them listed in Windows Explorer. With a USF St. Petersburg VPN account, these files can be accessed from off campus.

Requests for access to University/Departmental drives must come from an employee’s supervisor or the department’s accountable officer. A valid Bayboro Account is required to access share drives.

Here is the list of shared network drives:

  • Q: Academic Affairs
  • R: Enrollment Services
  • S: Student Affairs
  • T: Administration & Finance
  • U: University Advancement



Departmental file storage drives are backed up on a nightly basis, in case of accidental file deletion, file corruption, or server down-time. Faculty and staff members that need assistance with recovering files should submit an online service request.