For Employees


New Hires

Accounts cannot be created until your official start date. After you receive your Employee ID, it may take up to 24 hours for your employment status to update in the various USF systems. Once the appropriate USF systems receive your Employee ID information, you will be able to purchase your USF St. Petersburg ID Card and activate your USF NetID.

Building & Room Access

Many of the doors at USF St. Petersburg are equipped with an electronic locking system. This allows locks to be programmed to automatically lock and unlock on a schedule. Key cards, also known as proxy cards provide access to secured areas. With this system, authorized users, such as Campus Police, can instantly implement a campus-wide “lock down” in the event of an emergency.


Each organizational unit is responsible for purchasing printers for employees. Printers can be installed as desktop (or local) printers via USB or connected to the network and printed to by multiple employees. Wireless printing is not supported on the USF St. Petersburg campus. Printers must meet the technology acquisition standards set by USF.

Network Storage

Network storage (also known as network drives or network shares) is available to all colleges, departments, and groups. E&G funded entities receive free storage. Non-E&G entities may be subject to monthly fees. Storage is available as shared department drives and personal drives.

Virtual Private Network (VPN)

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) creates a “secure tunnel” between your computer and the USF St. Petersburg network. The Cisco AnyConnect Secure Mobility VPN Client is required to access the USF St. Petersburg network from off campus.

Phones & Voicemail

Communication devices, such as phones and fax ATAs, are managed by Campus Computing. Common communication service requests include; name changes on the main line, voice mail box deletions, phone repairs, and speed dial additions and changes.


Wireless (or WiFi) access is available in all USF St. Petersburg academic buildings and throughout the campus. Wireless access is free to all individuals with an active USF NetID. Guests can also access wireless by selecting the USF-Guest wireless network.