For Employees

Building & Room Access

Many of the doors at USF St. Petersburg are equipped with an electronic locking system. This allows locks to be programmed to automatically lock and unlock on a schedule. Key cards, also known as proxy cards provide access to secured areas. With this system, authorized users, such as USF St. Petersburg Police, can instantly implement a campus-wide “lock down” in the event of an emergency.


Student residents use their USF ID Cards to gain access to the Residence Halls. Residents should contact Housing & Residence Life with questions or issues.


You should check with your supervisor to determine if you will need a key card. To request a key card, you will need to complete the following steps:

  1. Complete the Key Card Authorization Form.
  2. Pay the $15 fee of the key card online and print a copy of the receipt.
  3. Attach the copy of the receipt to the Key Card Authorization Form and submit both to the Help Desk in BAY 226.

You will be notified when your key card is ready for pickup at the Help Desk.

To replace lost or damaged card you will need to pay the $15 fee and submit a copy of your receipt to the Help Desk in BAY 226.

It is your responsibility to notify Campus Computing immediately in the event of a lost key card so that it can be disabled.


What are my options for purchasing a proxy card?
A new or replacement proxy card can be purchased through our online store. Some departments will pay for an employee’s new proxy card using departmental chart fields.

What should I do if I lose my proxy card?
Report the lost proxy card to the Help Desk immediately so it can be disabled. To replace a lost or damaged card, you will need to pay the $15 fee and submit a copy of your receipt to the Help Desk in BAY 226.

I bought a proxy card and then realized that I don’t need it. How do I request a refund?
All proxy card purchases are final. Campus Computing is unable to refund you for your purchase.

Can I use my PCard to purchase a proxy card for a new employee?
A PCard cannot be used to purchase a new or replacement proxy card.