To be a leader in Administrative and Financial Services within higher education.


We, Administrative and Financial Services, will support the University of South Florida St. Petersburg and surrounding community by providing quality services in the areas of accounting, budgets, facilities services, human resources, parking, police, and purchasing. We will accomplish this through the creation of collaborative partnerships with our constituents, continuous improvements of our business processes and practices, and the professional development of our divisional team members.

We will enhance the University’s academic and service programs by providing an environment that meets the needs of the students, faculty, staff, and community. We will support and assist the University’s efforts to obtain public and private resources as well as properly manage those resources in pursuit of these goals.


  • INTEGRITY We will wisely steward our human, physical and financial resources.
  • TEAMWORK We will work together to achieve exceptional constituent satisfaction by delivering effective, cost efficient, quality service.
  • INNOVATION We will continually work to improve and develop technology, systems and processes which are useful in meeting our constituents’ goals and objectives.
  • COLLABORATION We will work cooperatively with our constituents and community to anticipate and meet their needs.
  • OPPORTUNITY We will provide staff professional development in order to be our constituents’ best possible resource.
  • TRUST We will create a working environment committed to accountability and dependability, and foster working relationships that encourage fairness and open communication within the University and throughout the community.

Our most valuable asset is a dedicated, well trained staff, working together to meet any challenge.