Business and Finance


We provide quality and expeditious purchasing, contracting, and contract administration services in accordance with USF rules and policies, State Board of Education directives, and State of Florida Statutes. 

Our Functions

  • Process and approve purchase orders for goods and services
  • Review for approval payment requests for personal reimbursement
  • Issue Purchasing Cards
  • Instruct USF St. Petersburg P-card reconcilers on Oracle processes
  • Develop, publish and review for award
  • Invitations to Bid/Negotiate for purchases exceeding $75,000
  • Respond to vendor solicitations for information
  • Respond to USF Inspector General and State Comptroller audits
  • Process, publish, and distribute changes to purchase orders and contracts
  • Assist Principal Investigators with high-tech, grant related purchases
  • Advise faculty and staff on specialized equipment acquisitions
  • Apprise USF St. Petersburg faculty and staff of purchasing policies and regulations
  • Instruct USF St. Petersburg and tenant organization staff on Oracle requisition processes