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The Garden Club

The Garden Club at USF St. Petersburg campus is a student led organization which focuses on the practices of urban gardening as well as permaculture. We employ cultivation techniques that promote sustainability among the student body. In our permaculture setting we stress the importance of establishing healthy soil through proper compost and the nurturing Florida native flora/fauna.

We believe that gardens on our campus have the unique opportunity to create micro-scale food systems that address student food insecurity; offering spaces for experiential education; facilitating interdisciplinary research; increasing food system literacy and expanding opportunities to interact with land and food.

Meetings & Events

The Bayboro food forest creates a unique space for our community to interact with nature, agriculture, food, and one another. Come join us in either of the meetings and events listed below for a chance to grow  your gardening skill set.

  • Garden work days - Every Friday 2pm - 4pm
  • Club Meetings - Every Friday 2pm - 4pm
  • Harvest Days (TBD)


harvesting Mulberries

Harvesting Mulberries

Garden Workday

Garden Workday

Worm Sorting

Worm Sorting

If you’re interested in joining the Garden Club or participating in any of our workdays please contact us at and check out our Instagram.

Club Leadership