Marketing in the USC



Do you have a USF St. Petersburg event or program open to all students that you would like to market to the USF St. Petersburg campus?

If you are a USF St. Petersburg student organization or a department, there are numerous tools available. This helpful resource guide outlines the various vehicles you may utilize to get the word out to USF St. Petersburg students.


Digital screens are available throughout campus for digital flyers and advertising upcoming/current events on campus. Registered student organizations and University departments are eligible to submit digital flyers. At times, the Bullseye in The Reef within the USC may be available for advertising. Please see our submission guidelines below:

  • Digital information must pertain to a campus event or service at the university. Non-USF activities will not be approved for display.
  • Digital flyers will be displayed for a two (2) weeks if an end time is not indicated upon submission. If there are an abundance of flyers, priority will be given to flyers during the two weeks leading up to the event/program date/deadline.
  • Designs should be in 16:9 format with a minimum resolution of 720 pixels by 405 pixels at a resolution of 72 dpi and submitted as a .png, .jpeg, or .pdf file. Art that is not formatted correctly may not be approved. Landscape layout is preferred to maximize screen coverage! Video formats may also be accepted and are subject to review.
  • All art submitted is subject to approval by the Student Centers & Events team.

Submit Digital Flyer


Physically produced flyers may be posted on the USC’s flyer board, which is located inside The Reef. You must submit a physical copy your flyer to the Information Desk for approval. If your flyer does not meet the guidelines listed below, then it will not be posted. If your flyer is found posted without approval, then it will be removed. Two or more repeated instances will result in appropriate actions taken with your student organization/department.

  1. Visit the information desk in the University Student Center to gain approval for your flyer.
  2. The following information should be included on all postings:
    • Name of Event
    • Date of Event
    • Location
    • Sponsoring Organization
  3. Postings will be displayed for a maximum time of two (2) weeks.
  4. Postings will be removed after event.
  5. Posting are only permitted on the magnet board on the first floor of the USC.

Posting Guidelines

Posting by Outside Organizations

Postings produced by individuals or organizations unaffiliated with the University are permitted in designated areas in the USC (magnet board) and must adhere to all of the guidelines described above. Unauthorized postings by outside entities found on University property will be removed.

General Posting Restrictions

Location – No flyers are permitted on any walls, windows, doors, stairwells, elevators, bathroom stalls, garbage cans, columns, light posts, signs, statues, artwork or ornamental surfaces in the USC. Posting is not permitted on glass, mirrors, and painted surfaces (including doors).

Content – No libelous material shall be posted. Material, including chalking, must abide by all other University policies, including but not limited to the Student Code of Conduct, policy 6-028: Events, Signage and Space Management. No flyers are permitted to advertise drink specials, events where the primary purpose is drinking, or other activities that appear to promote irresponsible or illegal alcohol or drug use.



  • Student organization using USC property for creative projects must be approved by the USC staff at least one month in advanced from project start date. (Examples include covering mirrors, installing interactive artistic expressions, etc.)
  • Please e-mail us with your one (1) page proposal detailing what you want to do, your purpose for the project, what you are hoping to achieve from the project, dates proposed, a sketch/drawing/rendering of your project, and a list of supplies/materials you will be using.
  • The USC holds the right to decline or reassign your project.
  • If a project is initiated in the USC without prior approval or the project has changed without approval, then the USC holds the right to end the project and the student organization/department will face appropriate actions.


Residence Hall Flyer Posting Procedures


  • Window marking is allowed on USC and SLC windows and must be requested through our Event Request process.
  • Wndow painting can be reserved 14 days prior to or up to the event date, whichever comes first.
  • Window painting is reserved to promote major, campus-wide events at the discretion of the USC events staff.
  • Only 4 windows can be reserved at a time.
  • The group must provide their own paint (use water based poster paint only please!). Paint must be removed immediately following the event, typically within 24 hours. (Paint can also be borrowed from the Student Org. Suite)
  • If a cleaning company is contracted to remove the paint from the window, your organization or department will be responsible to pay for the costs which typically range from $100-$400.


  • This form of publicity is available for registered student groups or departments only to promote an event or meeting.
  • Chalking should be on the sidewalk only and cannot be on any covered sidewalks (i.e. any part of the sidewalk that is covered by an awning, hanging, etc.).
  • Chalk can also be borrowed from the Student Org. Suite in the SLC. If none is available, groups must provide their own chalk.
  • Chalking can be placed one (1) week before event.