Online Writing Tutoring

Asynchronous Online Submission Instructions

Writing submissions are closed for Spring Break.

Submissions will resume on Friday, March 18 for review on Monday, March 21.

Submission based writing tutoring is asynchronous, meaning you don’t need to be online while the tutor reads your paper, provides you with feedback, and returns the paper by email. If you prefer a virtual, Teams session, make an appointment.


  1. Click the link below to complete a submission form. The form sends your paper, assignment requirements, and other relevant information to the SSC where it will then be assigned to a writing tutor. 
  2. Be sure your paper is in a Word, PDF, or PowerPoint document. The assignment requirements and other relevant information may be in any easy to open file (including image files).
  3. Once you have submitted the form, please allow 1 – 2 business days for a response from your tutor. 
  4. Your tutor will provide feedback related to the concerns you indicated on the submission form. The tutor’s comments will appear in the right-hand margin of your paper.
  5. A link to your paper with comments will be sent to your USF email address.

A Few Simple Rules:

  • After you receive a tutor’s feedback and revise your paper, you may resubmit the revised version.
  • You may only submit documents written by you. You may not submit documents on behalf of other writers.
  • Papers submitted without the course assignment requirements will not be reviewed.
  • Papers longer than 5-6 pages should be reviewed by appointment.

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Q:  Do I have to be online during the online tutorial?
A:  No. The tutor does not need to communicate with you during the process.

Q:  When I get my paper back, can I email the tutor questions?
A:  No. Unfortunately, the tutor’s schedule is such that he or she may not be available for dialogue.

Q:  I have a 50-page thesis. Can I submit it all for tutoring?
A:  During an online session, tutors will spend no more than one hour on a paper; that equates to about 5-6 pages. When you have a longer document, you need to section it into separate files and make a series of submissions or make an appointment.

Q:  Can online tutors fix grammar and citation problems?
A:  No. Tutors are not allowed to “fix” student papers. Online tutoring is best for reader feedback and help with organizational issues. Online tutors may notice one or two prevalent patterns of grammar error and direct you to resources for learning how to correct those errors. If you need help with issues such as grammar and citations, please look for an appointment session.