Learning Resources


Math and Statistics

www.khanacademy.org – This is a website created by Salman Khan. The site has over 4,000 short tutorial videos of different subjects such as: algebra, chemistry, calculus, biology, health science, calculus, economics, and astronomy. The videos and teaching style of Khan are easy and interesting to follow. Khan Academy is a great complement for any student. The videos are completely free and easy to access.

http://core.ecu.edu/psyc/wuenschk/Statistics.htm – This is an excellent resource for those who want additional practice in psychological statistics. Created by a professor from East Carolina University, it is easy to navigate and provides numerous resources in the subject such as: workshops, articles, tutorials, quizzes, journals, etc.

http://calcnet.mth.cmich.edu/org/spss/toc.htm – This site is sponsored by Central Michigan University and the content is designed by Dr. Carl Lee and Dr. Felix Famoye. Information on SPSS is neatly organized and provides overviews of topics, video clips, and sample data sets. This is an excellent resource for using SPSS in statistical analysis.


www.chem.illinois.edu/clcwebsite/clctutorials.html – Designed to help undergraduates with Chem I and Chem II, this site covers all of the topics that are taught here at USF St. Petersburg. Each section has a video of PowerPoint slides that help explain important concepts in way that is clearer and easier than reading than a textbook. I think that if students went through these presentations (especially before they came in for extra help) they would have a good review of the material that is presented in class. Limitations: It takes a long time to go through a presentation. This is not a fast way to answer a homework question, but it is definitely a better way to increase content understanding.

https://tigerweb.towson.edu/jdiscord/– This website provides worksheets of practice problems and answer keys for every Organic Chemistry I and Organic Chemistry II topic. It also has PowerPoint lectures that cover select topics within Organic Chemistry. This is the ideal website to apply the nomenclature, molecular, stereochemical, reactivity, and general chemistry concepts discussed in class. To access majority of the Organic Chemistry I context click the CHM331 link at the top of the page and click the CHM332 tab to access majority of the Organic Chemistry II content. It is advised that you search for worksheets based on what your professor has taught in class because the units on this website might not match the sequence of units your professor has set up for your course.

Foreign Languages

Wordreference.com – This online dictionary is intended for use by people learning new languages. It offers multiple entries for each word and uses each entry in a different meaning or context. Each entry includes an example sentence in English to clarify the context of the word. For example, a Spanish student may try to translate the following sentence into Spanish: “I booked the hotel early”not knowing which verb to use. Wordreference.com offers 15 entries for “to book” with examples and explanations with each. It clarifies the difference between when a policeman books a convict, a volume of literature, to reserve a hotel, etc. Even if students cannot find an entry that pertains to the context in which they wish to use a word, it will bring to their attention the specific context they are looking for. This wordreference.com allows students to understand foreign language conversation on a more subtle level.


Learning Skills