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COVID Care Team

 The COVID Care Team, here at USF St. Pete campus, is to ensure the wellbeing of students that become infected with the coronavirus (COVID-19). The care team is tasked with coordinating the needs of student that chose to reside in the on-campus isolation spaces. On-campus isolation spaces are for the use of residential students only. The care team can help non-residential students access community resources such as county funded COVID hotel rooms should they have nowhere to self-isolate.

Together the care team will share the responsibility to monitor, respond, and assist students in on-campus isolation. In weekly meetings the care team will review, discuss the needs, and coordinate an care action plan to ensure the student, in isolation, need's are met.


COVID Care Team Contact 

The care team shares the responsibility of manning an on-call phone for reporting and assitance purposes. If you have COVID related questions or are a student in isolation pleasae call 727-873-4278


COVID Related Stress

If you are a student and experiencing COVID related stress such as; loss of job because of COVISD, taking care of a family member or loved one with COVID, loss of childcare related to COVID, or other like issues. Please complete a referral to SOS for assitance with linkage to resources specific to COVID.