Meet the Dean


Dean Diaz

Phone: 727-873-4278

Jacob Diaz is a proud first generation graduate for whom Southwestern Community College in southeast San Diego cultivated the possibility of a career in higher education and student affairs. He is someone who is reminded by his daughter that what we do in colleges and universities is next generation work.

Professionally, “Jake” serves as the Regional Assistant Vice Chancellor of Student Affairs and Dean of Students at the University of South Florida, St. Petersburg campus where he provides strategic leadership for a comprehensive portfolio of programs and services. He has had the privilege of holding senior leadership roles such as Vice President for Student Development and Assistant Vice President & Dean of Students, both at Seattle University. In addition, he has served as Assistant Dean of Students and Director of the Center for Student Ethics & Standards at the University of Vermont as well as held positions in Residential Life and in Multicultural Affairs.

He has presented workshops at numerous regional and national conferences and published on topics such as multicultural competence in student affairs, serving students of color as well as leading inclusive student conduct processes. In addition, he has also served professional associations within higher education, including service as a faculty member with the ACPA Mid Level Managers Institute, National Chair of the NASPA Undergraduate Fellows Program, Faculty Member of the NASPA Mid-Level Professionals Institute and Faculty Member of the NASPA Graduate Student & New Professionals Institute. Dr. Diaz has also served as a consultant and keynote speaker on various campuses throughout the United States.

He received his Doctor of Education degree in Educational Leadership & Policy Studies and his Master’s degree in Higher Education and Student Affairs Administration from the University of Vermont, where he was also a Bill & Melinda Gates Millennium Scholar and was honored as the Doctoral Student of the Year for the work conducted with his dissertation. Dr. Diaz’s dissertation is a narrative account of his journey with racism in higher education and he currently resides in St. Petersburg, Florida with his partner (a fellow educator) and their daughter.

His Bachelor’s degree in English literature was attained at the University of California, Santa Barbara.