2015 Workshop

Coastal Adaptation and Resilience in Tampa Bay

Date: September 22-23, 2015
Location: University of South Florida Saint Petersburg
Room: University Student Center (USC Ballroom)
200 6th Ave South, St. Petersburg, FL 33701

This 2-day workshop, hosted by the Initiative on Coastal Adaptation and Resilience (ICAR), USF St. Petersburg and the Tampa Bay Regional Planning Council ONE BAY Resilient Communities Working Group, will inform participants of the work underway to address vulnerabilities to coastal hazards and build regional resiliency. Through a series of facilitated discussions between experts from South Florida and the Tampa Bay region, participants will explore lessons learned from adaptation strategies currently being applied in these coastal regions of the state and contemplate how to move forward building places that can withstand the effects of a changing climate.

Workshop Objectives:

Explore the existing and future regional approach for Tampa Bay for climate change adaptation
Foster a dialog between local elected officials and academia on how to best address the regional impacts of climate change
Link academic and scientific research to adaptation policy and implementation
Identify research, data and policy gaps and needs in order to create a focused research plan
Evaluate the need for regional climate adaptation plan or compact-style agreement in Tampa Bay
Workshop Topics:

Analyzing Coastal Climate Hazards
Regional Responses to Climate Change
Assessing Vulnerabilities and Impacts: Health, Habitat and Transportation
Implementing Adaptation Strategies: City and Regional Levels
Communicating Risk to the Public: Strategies and Challenges
Adaptation Strategies in Tampa Bay: Identifying data, policy and research gaps
Who Attended:

Citizens, Students & Researchers
Elected Officials & Government Administrators
Transportation and Urban Planners, Floodplain Managers, Emergency Managers, Public Works, Professionals, Natural Resource Managers, Engineers & Scientists, Insurance Companies and Businesses.

Network and share information with other individuals engaged in coastal resilience planning
throughout Florida
Shape research agendas and future climate adaptation efforts in the Tampa Bay region and beyond
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