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  • Major priority of the Pinellas County delegation during the 2017 Fall legislative session.
  • Main goal was to increase higher education access for all students in Pinellas County.
  • Governor Rick Scott signed the Florida Excellence in Higher Education Act of 2018, requiring the USF System –composed of University of South Florida Tampa, USF St. Petersburg and USF Sarasota-Manatee – to consolidate accreditations under one umbrella by July 1, 2020.
  • SPC and USF St. Petersburg developed a cross institutional collaboration to launch an initiative which ensures middle and high school students are aware of their educational opportunities and resources. 


The mission of PATHe is to provide equitable, flexible, and attainable pathways to promote access to higher education for all students in Pinellas County.


Increase the number of students attaining post-secondary degrees and other credentials in Pinellas County, thereby creating avenues for economic mobility for students, filling skills gaps, meeting workforce needs and improving the overall economic health of Pinellas County.


We support Pinellas County through outreach by partnering with local schools and community organizations to provide individuals and families with up-to-date information on college preparation and planning. We support students who decide to attend college locally through our SPC to USF St. Petersburg program. Students are able to start at SPC and transfer to the University of South Florida St. Petersburg with the support and guidance from a PATHe Advisor until they graduate with their Bachelor’s degree.


Signature Events

  • USF Application Days at SPC
    • USF Application Days brings USF and its resources to SPC campuses. Students are able to fill out applications to USF with Admission Recruiters, learn more about PATHe and FUSE, and learn more about various resources at USF – from the Honors College, to Academic Advising, to the Office of Veteran Success.
  • Discover Your PATHe
    • Discover Your PATHe offers an immersive, simulative college life experience for Pinellas County high school students, including overnight accommodations in a student residence hall and interactive activities showcasing:
      • College Fit and Student Experience
      • Career and Major Exploration
      • College Admissions and Financial Aid Education
      • Networking with each other and current college students
    • Have questions about Discover Your PATHe? Email us at stp-pathe@usf.edu for more information.
  • Collaborations with Pinellas County Schools
    • PATHe and Pinellas County Schools have multiple collaborations throughout the year, from presentations for AVID and TSIC students, the Leadership Summits, Road to Recognition, and the Honors Breakfast.

Scholarship Opportunities


  • Requirements
    • Be enrolled at USF and designate USF St. Petersburg as your home campus as a full-time, undergraduate degree-seeking student in fall, spring, and summer semesters. Full-time enrollment is 12 credit hours per semester.
    • No more than 90 credit hours attempted. (Credits earned as part of dual enrollment or accelerated credit programs are excluded)
    • 3.00 USF Transfer GPA for the academic year.
    • 75% completion of all courses attempted required for renewal.
    • Bonus criteria: Completion of AA degree requirements per transcript. AA Degree can be pending conferral.


  • Requirements

    • Be a graduate of a Pinellas County high school (within the last 2 years)
    • Be admitted into USF St Petersburg.
    • Be admitted as a freshman (including dual enrollment, early college, early admission admissions, and Collegiate high school) for Summer or Fall 2024
    • Be enrolled for a minimum of 12 credit hours per semester.
    • Be enrolled at USF St. Petersburg every semester with at least 75% of the classes taken at this campus

For other scholarship opportunities visit our Scholarship page


COMPASS Student Experience

Division of Student Success, USF St. Petersburg Campus
140 7th Avenue South, BAY 115
St. Petersburg, FL 33701-5016
(727) 873-4754 |stp-pathe@usf.edu

Whether you're a student, family member, or part of the educational community in Pinellas County, PATHe is here to inspire, motivate, and guide you on your path to higher learning and career success. Start your PATHe journey today! Fill out the PATHe Information Request Form to set up a meeting with one of the PATHe Advisors!

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