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Community Service and Volunteerism

Learning extends beyond the four walls of the classroom. The people and places in our communities offer lessons that complement and reinforce classroom-based learning. While there is not a university wide requirement for community service many clubs, academic programs, honor fraternities and other initiatives do encourage or require volunteerism and community service.

At USF St. Petersburg campus, the Center for Civic Engagement hosts a Civic Engagement Fair every semester and compiles a community partner directory.

St. Petersburg and Pinellas Employee Discounts

Thank you to our local businesses who promote their offerings by offering discounts to USF employees and students. USF Discounts for Students are listed separately.

Those wanting to offer discounts across USF’s three campuses to employees can list their business or service on our Perks page. Please complete our Employee Perks & Discount Vendor Participation form. Requests are reviewed on a regular basis and added to the website.

If your business is based in St. Petersburg or Pinellas County, we’ll also cross post it here on this page.

Vendor Guidelines:

  1. Offers must include a discount or special offer for USF employees and must be honored/valid for at least one year.
  2. The types, values or amounts are at the discretion of the business/vendor, but should be at least a 10% savings.
  3.  Electronic flyers and other marketing materials cannot be used; the site can only support the business name, category and description with applicable links.
  4.  If the discount changes, it is the vendor's responsibility to submit another vendor participation request form so that the information can be updated on USF's website.
  5. USF reserves the right to approve or deny a business/vendor's request for participation in the program.

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