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Waiver Information

Tuition and Fee Exemption Waiver

The state of Florida offers free tuition and fee exemption to eligible former foster youth that have lived in the Florida foster care system and were a ward of the Department of Children and Families (DCF). This is commonly referred to here at USF as the DCF Waiver.
 Eligibility Information for the state of Florida.

DCF Waiver

The Department of Children and Family Services Waiver is for any student who is a ward of the state or was adopted from the Department of Children and Family Services after December 31, 1997.

The DCF Waiver can waive certain tuition and fees for qualifying undergraduate and graduate courses and can be used until the student is 28 years old. Students need to submit this form prior to the payment deadline of the first semester. Information on the DCF Waiver here at USF. Your form should submitted to

Out-of-State Student

If you are an out of state student you will not qualify for the DCF Waiver however, we can work with you to help you navigate your state ward benefits to ensure you are receiving all that you are entitled to by your home state Foster Care Department.