USF Pearls

What We Do

The Pearls Program is a program designed with you in mind. Rooted in a strengths-based approach each pearl will be offered:

Care Coordination

Individual Coaching

  • Each Pearl will be assigned to a support specialist that will be a dedicates resource for your success and growth.
    • Linkage with USF and local community resources
    • Support Letters
    • Navigate USF

Group Collaboration

  • Will work alongside program peers for educational activities with learning outcomes tied to independent living skills

Mentoring Program (Coming Soon)

Faculty and Staff

  • Each Pearl will be paired with USF faculty, staff, or alumni, who serve as mentor throughout their academic journey.

Pearl Peer

  • Each Pearl will have the opportunity to become a Pearl mentor to assist new campus pearls acclimate to the university. 

Educational Activities

USF Pearls program will host different events, programming, and outings for students to connect with one another in a fun, social setting with a independent learning outcome connected to the goal-directed group work. 


Pearls program has worked with USF Housing and Residents Life to assist in streamlining the process to ensure year round housing for the Pearl student. 

We are currently working toward other programing support regarding housing needs for pearls. 


Our program will advocate for each pearls needs locally, nationally, and here at USF.




Office Location

727-873-4872 USFPEARLS@USF.EDU PNM 103-B