The University of South Florida is committed to providing all incoming students the resources to be successful as they enter the university setting. We strive to provide excellent student experiences and knowledge about the University of South Florida (USF) by way of intentional and specific programming for first year students, transfer students, international students and their families. Our Orientations are designed with these goals in mind. 

New undergraduate students are required to pay a $35 fee to attend Orientation upon making a reservation. Additional charges may apply for families and guests who choose to attend Orientation. If you’re experiencing financial difficulties, please contact us at


Orientation Reservations

What do I need to make my Orientation reservation?

You will need to know your NetID and password. Your University NetID is essential as you begin your USF student career. You will use your NetID to check the status of your application, tuition statement, financial aid, register for courses and your USF email account. You will also need your University NetID to login to the USF Orientation registration system. It is important not to share your NetID and password with anyone and to make sure you personally know your NetID name and password. Your NetID is not the same thing as your U#.

 Here are step-by-step instructions to finding your University NetID:

  •  Visit the NetID website.
  • Once on the site, select the “Login for more options” link. The first time that you visit OASIS, you will have to retrieve your University ID number and NetID.
  • After selecting the Login link, select “Create an account now” under “Don’t have a USF NetID?”
  • After entering your name, select the USF ID# radio button.
  • Next to the field titled “Enter USF ID #” will be a link for you to lookup your USF ID number.
  • Once you have retrieved your USF ID, complete the Activation by USF ID # form.
  • After selecting Activate NetID and retrieving said ID, return to the sign on page.

For assistance with your USF NetID, contact the Information Technology Help Desk at (813) 974-1222 or email

Is Orientation a requirement?

Orientation is a critical component of a successful university experience and facilitates the smooth transition of students in the academic and social environments of the University. Because student success if at the heart of all we do here at USF, we require that every new student complete Orientation. The Orientation program is supported by a USF policy mandating that new students attend Orientation as a requirement of admission to the University.

How do I make a reservation at another USF campus?