Medical Services

Response to COVID-19


Due to the impact of COVID-19, our medical staff is now available for telehealth services. If you have any questions about medical services or behavioral health, please do not hesitate to call 727-873-4422.

  • For prescription refills, please call the nursing station directly at 727-873-4403.
  • In-person appointments for acute symptoms (i.e., stomach pain, headache, STI symptoms, rash, etc.) will only be seen on the Tampa campus during mornings.
    • Afternoons are reserved for students experiencing respiratory symptoms.

  • No students will be allowed in the office unless approved by staff.
    • Those who do come in will need to be screened first.

  • If you have questions about your physical health, you can also check out our Self-Help resources. You can find many answers to your questions about health without having to come into the office.

We highly recommend you follow CDC guidelines and stay at home until the risk of coronavirus has decreased. If you feel any symptoms coming on, please go to for information on what to do next. We do NOT have tests for coronavirus.