Housing and Dining

USF St. Petersburg campus Housing COVID-19 Isolation FAQ

What happens if a residential student is required to isolate based on either testing positive for COVID-19 or having a high-risk exposure?
Should a residential student need to isolate (due to illness, exposure, or while awaiting a test result) they will be given direction from Student Health Services on the protocols in place. They will be advised to go home if safe to do so. If that is not possible, the resident will be relocated to a designated USF isolation facility. They will be required to participate in USF Dining’s meal delivery service while in isolation, which consists of a daily meal delivery consisting of three meals. A student going into isolation will receive a phone call from a member of the COVID Care Team with instructions about how to prepare and move into the isolation spaces.
What is provided in the isolation room?
The following items are provided in USF’s on campus isolation facility: microwave/refrigerator/freezer combo unit; toilet paper; trash bags; disposable sheets; shower curtain, and a food starter package that includes food staples, beverages and snacks.
What should a student pack is they are relocating to isolation?

  • Comfortable clothes and shoes for 14 days
  • Prescription and over the counter medication for at least 14 days
  • Blanket, pillow, and towel(s) for showering and drying hands
  • Personal snacks/food/water/beverages
  • Wallet/Purse/Credit Card/Cash Passport or State ID
  • USF Student ID
  • Residence Hall Room/Apartment Keys USF ID/Keys
  • Toiletries: Shampoo/conditioner, body soap/body wash, hand soap, toothbrush/toothpaste/dental floss, razors/shaving cream, deodorant, lotion, feminine hygiene products, hair supplies/hair dryer, tissues
  • Contacts, contact solution, glasses
  • Academic Supplies: Textbooks, school supplies, laptop/tablets/desktop computer device chargers, notebooks, pens, highlighters
  • Entertainment and exercise materials: books, magazines, yoga mat
  • Extra Masks and/or face coverings, hand sanitizer; cleaning supplies (including disinfecting wipes/spray)
  • Flu Care Kit: tissues, cough medicine, cough drops, thermometer, Tylenol/ibuprofen, etc.
    Reusable water bottle
  • Laundry Detergent: for use in room only

What if a student realizes they left an item in their residence hall after entering isolation?
Students will not be allowed back into their on-campus space until they are cleared to return. No personal items will be retrieved for them after they have moved into their isolation space. Students are encouraged to double check that all of their daily personal, professional, and academic needs are met with the items they bring into isolation. To adhere to the isolation protocols for the safety of the community, no outside deliveries are permitted to students in isolation. This includes no deliveries by friends and family.

What student support will be provided while in isolation?
A student going into isolation will receive a phone call from the COVID Care Team with instructions about how to prepare and move into the isolation spaces. Students in isolation are assigned a COVID Care Team point of contact, a USF staff member, to support them during their stay. An isolation information packet is provided during their check-in that outlines expectations of the experience and provides useful resources for their stay. The staff member will check in with the student frequently to assess their needs and provide support. In addition, a Student Health Services liaison connects with the student as needed to assess their physical and emotional health. A direct contact number for Dining is also provided to address special dietary needs. Students are provided a non-residential emergency number to use as needed.
Are students expected to attend classes while in insolation?
While in isolation, if a student is able to do so, they should continue their courses online. The Dean of Students office will notify faculty of students who have an in-person course. If the student is too sick to participate in online classes, the student should contact their instructor to discuss their options. If no options are available, they should contact their COVID-19 Care Team to request a Dean of Students letter be sent to their faculty. Class absences for COVID-19 will be treated with all due leniency.
What type of food is provided in the USF meal delivery service?
Upon arrival, students receive a starter package that includes beverages and food (Vegan and GF available). During their stay, students will receive a daily meal delivery, in the later afternoon, that consists of three meals. The weekly Isolation Dining menu can be found here. Students will be given a Dining Service number to call, during normal business hours, to discuss any special dietary needs or restrictions. Students indicating a dietary restriction or allergy will have an intake meeting with a member of dining within 24 hours of arrival. No outside meal deliveries are permitted. A microwave/freezer/refrigerator combo unit is located in every bedroom for student use.
Will students have a roommate in their isolation space?
Student will be assigned a single room in isolation.
What do students do about the trash that accumulates in their room?
Trash will be picked up from outside the student room. Student should place a tied trash bag in the trashcan outside of their room. Replacement bags will be placed on door knobs as needed.

Can students receive their mail and deliveries while in isolation?
To provide the safest environment possible, no outside deliveries, including mail, are permitted to students in isolation. Students should communicate their unmet need to their assigned COVID Care Team member. All packages and mail will be held at their respective mail centers until students are able to return to their original assignments.

Will families be notified when their student is moved into isolation?
USF considers the student the primary contact for University communications and notifications. USF staff will encourage students to notify their family and support networks of their move into isolation. Students will be provided a packet of information when they arrive that can be shared with their outside support networks.