Sport Clubs

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student prepares to run a race

Go to BullsConnect and learn how to get involved with our existing clubs.


Current Clubs and Officers

Basketball Club

President – Oscar Hernandez

Beach Volleyball Club

President – Emma Tanski

Vice President – Robert Sprick

Dance Club

President – Mclain Miller

Vice President – Alexandria Rizzotto

Golf Club

President – Luis Cervera

Vice President – Ben Crooks

 Rock Climbing Club

President – Charley Majeski

Vice President - Nicole Balbuena

Sailing Club

President – Alexandria Foos

Vice President – Andreas Keswater

Soccer Club

President - Masiel Perez-Balaguer

Vice President – Lily Turner


*The university is currently operating under a modified phase II return to campus.  At this time, Sport Clubs are conducting all of their activities virtually. This decision will continuously be re-evaluated as the university moves through it’s RSF plan.*

Want to Start Your Own Sport Club?

Register to become a student organization with the Office of Leadership and Student Organizations

  • Complete the application on Pete Sync.
  • Attach completed constitution
  • List four elected officers and a faculty/staff advisor
  • Add five members to the roster
  • Attend mandatory New Student Organization Training required by the Office of Leadership and Student Organizations.

Once your organization is registered, complete the Sport Club Application form on Pete Sync.

Once The Sport Club Federation review process is complete an introductory meeting with the Competitive Sports Coordinator will be scheduled.