Student Conduct

Mission and Purpose

The USF St. Petersburg Office of Student Conduct (OSC) facilitates an unbiased, fair, consistent and timely process that fosters the highest standards of behavior, student learning, and responsibility while promoting an educational environment that respects the rights of all students. While emphasizing respect, trust and integrity; we strive to educate students through the conduct process and help promote accountability and empathy within the campus community.

OSC receives referrals regarding alleged violations of the Student Code of Conduct. Any member of the university community may file charges against a student for an alleged violation of the code. Such charges must be filed in writing with SC, which reserves the right to initiate or follow-up any investigative leads when there is reasonable belief of possible violations of the code of conduct.

OSC uses fundamental fairness and strives to inspire trust and confidence in the university’s student conduct process. We strongly encourage the assumption of individual responsibility and promote the incorporation of standards of acceptable behavior in a lasting, individualized value system via the student code of conduct. Treating a student with respect, fairness and allowing him or her to be an active part of the student rights and responsibility process is fundamental to the “service” we provide to students and the university community.