Strengths Assessment

What is Strengths?

Since 2002, schools have used Gallup’s StrengthsQuest program to help students identify their unique talents using the CliftonStrengths assessment. Now over 600 colleges use the rebranded CliftonStrengths for Students to help students identify their talent and utilize their strengths to reach their goals.

Strengths is based in positive Psychology. 


If you are interested in individual coaching contact the Career Center with the name of the coach you are interested in connecting with:




  • Most Common Talent Theme – Achiever
  • Rarest Talent Theme – Command
  • You are 1 in 33 Million (chance of finding someone with the same strengths in same order)
  • Over 2.3 million people have taken the Clifton Strengths Assessment

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Lesa - Empathy | Communication | Developer | Positivity | Maximizer

Lesa Shouse

Lesa is the Director of the University of South Florida St. Petersburg Career Center. She uses a strengths-based approach to helping students with their career development and planning processes. She believes in the power of positive psychology within Strengths as a significant confidence booster in personal, professional, academic and leadership arenas. Her own strengths lend well to developing the potential of students, staff and employers and building meaningful connections and relationships with others. Lesa graduated from Defiance College in 2004 with a Bachelor of Art in Communication Arts and Bowling Green State University with a Master of Arts in College Student Personnel in 2009. She has worked in higher education, non-profit, banking, retail, and secretarial positions.

Amanda - Futuristic | Competition | Individualization | Strategic | Relator


As a full-time Employer Relations Coordinator and Career Coach, Amanda has the pleasure of working with both employers and students on a daily basis from a higher education perspective. She assists students with all aspects of their career development from self-awareness to exploring careers and gaining experience. For employers, Amanda assists by connecting with students, understanding hiring practices (including internship hiring), and building lasting relationships on campus. She holds a Bachelor of Arts in Interdisciplinary Social Science with a focus on Communication and Sociology from USF and a Master of Science in Higher Education from FSU. Her educational background paired with over 3-1/2 years of career service experience and three years experience in commercial insurance gives her a unique lens of to help a variety of individuals throughout their personal and professional development. You will benefit from Amanda’s expertise if you are uncertain about the things that are happening in your life, want to improve your current status, want to learn more about your strengths, need career coaching, or just need a coach to help you get to the next goal in your life. For employers, you will benefit from her expertise if you need help understanding your team’s strengths, want to learn better ways of incorporating new graduates into your business, or would like to build cohesion amongst those you work with. Please feel free to reach out if you have any questions about the skills and qualifications Amanda would bring to you or your business.

Anita - Harmony | Discipline | Consistency | Responsibility | Empathy


Anita is a licensed clinical psychologist, and has worked at USF St. Petersburg since January 2008. She currently serves as the Director of the Wellness Center and Student Disability Services. She has trained and worked with people of all backgrounds and in many different settings throughout her career. Anita approaches her clinical, educational, and administrative roles from an holistic, multicultural, and strengths-based perspective, which is what drew her to become a Gallup Certified Strengths Coach. Anita believes in the power of strengths coaching and training to help individuals and teams reach their highest potential.

Dwayne - Harmony| Developer | Empathy | Positivity | Includer


Dwayne currently serves as the the Director of Student Life and Engagement at the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. He has been at USF for 18 years and has over 10 years of Student Union, Student Activities, and Event Planning experience. During his time at USF Tampa and USF St. Petersburg he has been a part of the opening of two new student unions and is an active volunteer within the Association of College Unions International. His mission is to inspire learning and change lives, one student at a time. He believes that the Gallup Strengths tool is a gateway towards building self-authorship and fantastic way for students to discover their talents and how to apply those to their daily lives. Dwayne received his coaching certification in 2018 and uses his relationship building themes to create a unique coaching

Al - Developer | Woo | Positivity | Individualization | Communication


Al Gentilini is the Associate Director of Campus Recreation with the University of South Florida St. Petersburg. Al has over 15 years of experience in collegiate recreation and six years of experience as a Family Services Counselor with Hillsborough Kids, Incorporated. Prior to coming St. Pete he worked at USF Tampa where he has served in various roles including Coordinator of Intramural Sports with Campus Recreation, Coordinator of Student-Athlete Development with Athletics, Academic Foundations Instructor, and most recently, 5 years as Assistant Director of Campus Recreation. Al was also the Owner/Event Director of RubberNeck Racing, Inc. where he created and developed a startup business that conducted events such as 5 &10k events, half-marathons and adventure races. Al is green and gold all the way – as he earned a B.A. and a M.Ed. from USF Tampa. Al received certification as a Gallup Strengths Coach in 2016. He is passionate in helping people reach their full potential by capitalizing on their strengths.


Introduction to Strengths Training

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Introduction to Strengths

The Gallup Strengths philosophy centers around the belief that focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses results in more effective and meaningful professional and personal experiences. We thrive and grow in environments that allow us to use our strengths. We are truly at our best when we engage in our strengths!

This introductory training will teach you core principles of the Strengths Finder philosophy.  It will help you understand what Strengths is about and how it can be beneficial for individuals and teams.  You will need to take the assessment prior to the training. Please talk to a trainer if you need access to the assessment.

Personal Coaching

The Gallup Strengths philosophy centers around the belief that focusing on strengths rather than weaknesses results in more effective and meaningful professional and personal experiences. We thrive and grow in environments that allow us to use our strengths. We are truly at our best when we engage in our strengths!

If you have taken the Strengths Finder assessment and would like to learn more about your Top 5 Strengths, you can schedule an individual coaching appointment with a certified Gallup Strengths coach. This one-hour session will provide you with an in-depth exploration of your strengths, how you use them, and even help you create an action plan to use your strengths to their fullest potential!  On-going sessions may also be available if applicable. Personal Coaching is available only to current students.

Team Building

A team’s ultimate success rests in its ability to perform at high standards and work productively. All team members bring their unique strengths and perspectives to the work environment. However, these strengths are not always harnessed to their full potential. While individuals may excel in certain areas, team strength is derived from a well-rounded set of skills. Group/Team coaching can help identify your particular team’s areas of strengths, potential gaps in productivity, and encourage the development of team members in working together to help the team succeed.

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