Social Media


USF's St. Petersburg campus Facebook page is an externally focused platform where audiences can find relevant information, including stories about our students, faculty, alumni and community partnerships. We also feature events, community outreach and student success. We strive to use this platform to highlight unique pictures, graphics, links and user-generated content.


USF St. Petersburg campus Twitter is a news-based platform where our audience can find USF St. Petersburg campus-related news at a glance. Information that falls within the guidelines of campus and alumni stories, faculty highlights, community outreach as well as USF St. Petersburg campus events and campaigns can be found here. Content will primarily consist of links to the USF's St. Petersburg campus news page or additional/alternate article pag


USF St. Petersburg campus Instagram is a visually-based platform focused on sharing USF St. Petersburg campus content that is both unique and appealing. The USF St. Petersburg campus Student Takeover Instagram account gives students the opportunity to show the campus through their eyes. A different student is selected each week and encouraged to post pictures about themselves and their experiences at USF St. Petersburg campus.


USF St. Petersburg campus LinkedIn is a page that focuses on recognitions and accomplishments. Here, audience members will primarily find USF St. Petersburg campus staff/faculty/student highlights and successes. This platform will also be a source of USF St. Petersburg campus expert guidance and insight on a variety of topics.


The official YouTube page of USF St. Petersburg campus is focused on highlighting our stories and our beautiful campus through video. Here, users can find videos that fall under categories such as faculty/staff highlights and USF St. Petersburg campus campaigns/news/highlights.