Diversity & Inclusion Conference

Conference Sessions

Keynote Speakers

  • “Joy: An act of Resistance, Resilience and Restoration”
    by Dr. Ladonna Butler

  • "Mental Health in Marginalized Communities" 
    by Miguel Sierra

Conference Sessions

  • Educational Session Block 1

    Program 1 -   “ Joy while resisting Complicity and Compliance” 

    Program 2 – “Malcom X & Martin: Honoring Two Historical Civil Rights Leaders" 

    Program 3-  UndocUnited Student Organization Panel

  • Educational Session Block 2

    Program 1- “Self-care and Resiliency as Resistance to Inaction” 

    Program 2-  "How mental health affects inaction and our underserved communities"

    Program 3- "Collaboration to Actualization: Incorporating JEDI and Intercultural Competence Principles into a Teaching Evaluation Tool 


  • Educational Session Block 3

    Program 1- Intersectional Identities and Authenticity Panel 

    Program 2 – Muslim Student Association Panel 

    Program 3- Manifest University- Brian Hyppolite