Sustainable Campus

Urban Agriculture

The USF St. Petersburg Bayboro Food Forest 

The Bayboro Food Forest provides a unique experience for students at USF's St. Petersburg campus as a one of a kind urban agriculture hub in the heart of St. Petersburg. The Food Forest houses more than 50 different edible and medicinal plants from herbs and spices to bananas and sweet potatoes. It embodies the practices of permacultre, which are organic, pesticide free, and focused heavily on composting. What food is produced goes directly to the students involved in toiling the soil, with excess food given to community organizations. To get involved, join the campus Garden Club, which is responsible for weekly maintenance and management of the space.

Tower Garden

Run in conjunction between the Clean Energy & Resource Conservation Commission (CERCC) and the Garden Club, the tower garden is a vertical aeroponic grow tower used to produce herbs for the student body.

The USF St. Petersburg Greenhouse

Built in conjunction with Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission (FWC) & the Student Green Energy Fund (SGEF), the Greenhouse provides a space for clubs, faculty, and students to conduct research projects, grow plants, and more.


The Butterfly garden designed and paid for by students features only native Florida plants and is certified as both a North American Butterfly Association Butterfly Garden, and a Wildlife Habitat through the National Wildlife Foundation. The garden was designed to improve the campus entrance, promote the interaction and appreciation of nature in an urban setting, and to encourage the growth of struggling bee and butterfly populations. The garden provides a calming natural setting for everyone to enjoy. The Butterfly Garden was created in 2014. It is located near the corner of 6th Avenue and Second Street.