Sustainable Campus

Climate and Energy


USF St. Petersburg is always striving to improve our energy performance through improving campus-wide energy efficiency, increasing renewable energy production and consumption, and finding ways to conserve energy whenever possible. We have implemented some key projects within this sector which include:

  • Installation of a 100 kW solar array in partnership with Duke Energy on top of our 5th Avenue Parking Facility.
  • Adding a 200kW Tesla battery storage system which collects the energy from the 100 kW solar array and distributes the energy through the garage to make it net-zero.
  • Recent installation of a 40 kW solar carport array which helps power 15% of our new Poynter Warehouse Lab building, which contain our chemistry and physics labs.
  • 2kW solar array at our Central Utility Plant and 1kW solar array at our Bayboro Food Forest for municipal functionality.
  • Campus-wide energy sub-metering to monitor campus building performance in real time to identify inefficiencies and peak-energy alerts.
  • Installation of Huper Optik ceramic window film on south and east facing dorm rooms in Residence Hall One which cuts 99% of UV radiation and lowers A/C bills.


  • Harnessing 146kW of solar energy
  • EMS project – currently monitoring 5 buildings
  • Window Film to divert 99% of UV radiation decreasing electricity consumption
  • 200 kW Tesla battery storage
  • Majority of the campus is fitted with LED lighting


  • Reduce total campus building electricity consumption 50% by 2035 as compared to business as usual (i.e. 2013) consumption with intended campus growth
  • Increase on-site photovoltaic energy production to meet 50% of total electricity demand by 2035
  • The current set of Climate Action Plan strategies are estimated to reduce baseline emissions by over 50% by 2035
  • Most of these reductions are attributed to ESD strategies (about 87%)