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Student Government’s executive branch supports the sustainability movement directly. SG does this by having a cabinet member with the specific responsibility of overseeing and reporting on the projects, initiatives and clubs that have to do with sustainability. To accomplish this, the Sustainable Initiatives Coordinator hires a team of dedicated volunteers that make up the Dept. of Sustainable Initiatives.


We are students devoted to reducing food waste and serving the community by collecting the unserved food from our cafeteria that would otherwise be thrown away. We also aim to help others have more awareness of the issue of homelessness in our community! There is so much we can do to make a difference and every small act counts! This club is a great way to get involved and meet new people on campus as well as get involved in the community. Unless you sign up to drive, this is only a 15-30 minute commitment and you are not expected to come every night.

Recoveries Monday through Thursday at 8:45 PM and Fridays at 6:45! Hope to see you there!
For more information, please contact us.


The Garden Club is a student led organization which focuses on the practices of urban gardening as well as permaculture. We employ cultivation techniques that promote sustainability among the student body. In our permaculture setting we stress the importance of establishing healthy soil through proper compost and the nurturing Florida native flora/fauna.

If you’re interested in joining the Garden Club email Caryn Crabb or check out our Instagram.


The Marine Adventure Club (MAC) focuses on education in conservation as well as adventures in our local marine environments. Activities include, but are not limited to: kayaking, fishing, snorkeling, trips to local aquariums and zoos, attending educational seminars, conducting beach and estuary clean-ups, and many service-oriented projects. Goals for this club are to have fun while gaining knowledge, learn hands-on, practical experience for future work in the marine field as well as to create and strengthen community partnerships with our bay area experts while supporting foundations dedicated to marine life conservation.

For more information, please email us or check out our Facebook page


SEAS is open to anyone interested in promoting awareness of environmental issues, outdoor activities, and a greener world. SEAS holds monthly beach clean-ups on campus and organizes environmental awareness events like an Earth Day celebration and Food Day.

SEAS goals for the 2019/2020 school year include…

  • Maintaining/growing consistent attendance by members
  • Monthly Beach Clean Ups on Campus
  • Monthly event with the Garden Club
  • Collaboration with the Surfriders Foundation

If you’re interested in joining email Ayden Marrullier or check us out on Facebook!


The Surfrider Foundation launched the Student Club Network in 2008 in response to overwhelming interest across the country from young people that wished to become more involved in the Surfrider Foundation’s activities on their campuses and communities. The program has grown to a wide range of activities including organizing school clubs and initiatives based on project-based learning. These range from beach cleanups to eliminating single use plastics on-campus to greening campuses.


The purpose of the USF St. Petersburg Fishing and Conservation Club is to: create a learning environment where students can learn various conservation friendly fishing methods and techniques, create a student-led community for students on campus who share a common interest in angling, and create a conservation and community outreach program on campus.

USF St. Petersburg SCUBA CLUB

This organization is devoted to helping students acquire a better understanding of SCUBA diving, the processes and safety surrounding the activity as well as the preservation of marine life while diving. Additionally, this organization aims to provide the opportunity to make the SCUBA experience more accessible to USF St. Petersburg students.